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La poética del silencio en el Siglo de Oro. Su pervivencia

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The primary, trend-ore deposits are hosted by the Westwater Canyon Member as humate-rich, syngenetic tabular deposits which were subsequently remobilized into roll fronts. Since deposition in the Jurassic, two phases of remobilization have occurred in the basin causing the formation of in situ leach amenable monometallic uranium rolls free of organic debris.

Following in situ mining, ground water restoration of the Crownpoint and Churchrock mines is required to provide a water quality consistent with pre-mining baseline conditions. The development of in situ mining offers an environmentally sound and cost-effective method for uranium extraction. La muestra fue de madres adolescentes, de un universo de This work presents proposals for the mud handling derived from mineralogical processes, trying to maintain a balance between the nature and the sustainable development of the region; it comprises of an investigation project that the authors carry out in the National University of San Juan.

In this case particular aspects of problematic the environmental one are approached as the contamination of associated the superficial and underground water to the handling of the mineral remainders, specifically muds. To practices and procedures of engineering are described that offer protection against the faults of the deposits so that the remainders and the water of process are outside the hydrological river basins.

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Geochemical variability of natural soils and reclaimed minespoil soils in the San Juan Basin, New Mexico. An inventory of total-and extractable-element concentrations in soils was made for three areas of the San Juan Basin in New Mexico: 1 the broad area likely to be affected by energy-related development. Maps made of concentrations of 16 elements in area 1 soils show no gradational pattern across the region.

Sodic or saline problems, and a possible but unproven deficiency of zinc available to plants. Taxonomic great groups of soil in this area cannot be distinguished because each great group tends to have a large within-group variability if compared to the between-group variability. In area 2 the major soils sampled were of the Sheppard. These soils are quite uniform in chemical composition and are not greatly saline or sodic. As in area 1 soils. It is difficult to distinguish soil taxonomic families by using their respective chemical compositions.

Topsoil from a reclaimed area of the San Juan mine area 3 most closely resembles the chemical composition of natural C horizons of soil from area 1. Spoil material that has not been topsoiled is likely to cause sodic-and saline-related problems in revegetation and may cause boron toxicity in plants. Topsoiling has apparently ameliorated these potential problems for plant growth on mine spoil.


Total and extractable concentrations for elements and other parameters for each area of the San Juan Basin provide background information for the evaluation of the chemical quality of soils in each area. Full Text Available In irrigated agriculture, producers are responsible for the management and administration of multiple common resources, among which include land and water. These common resources are used jointly by the whole community and in the same way are removed, depending on the needs of each individual.

In the case of well 15 in the Ejido San Juan , has been maintained to be administered only by users without needing them, so far, the involvement of people outside the community or any government body for best results.

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Clima organizacional en trabajadores administrativos del sector salud Red de Salud San Juan de Lurigancho Knowledge to serve the city: insights from an emerging knowledge-action network to address vulnerability and sustainability in San Juan , Puerto Rico. Munoz-Erickson; A. Lugo; E. Melendez-Ackerman; L. Santiago-Acevedo; J.

Seguinot-Barbosa; P. Transdisciplinary approaches involve the collaborations between researchers, This situation changed since because the creation of the River Plate Viceroyalty. But some years after the independence, a group discontented with de action and decision of Buenos Aires government begun the action oriented to secession. This paper explores the socioeconomic reasons and motivation of this group. Su objetivo principal es determinar la progresiva modificacion de la isla de calor urbana en un periodo de quince anos y la correlacion de esta con la ocupacion del area urbana del Gran San Juan GSJ , localizada en la diagonal arida de El conocimiento de la fauna de anfibios y reptiles de la Provincia de San Juan es fragmentario e incompleto.

The knowledge of amphibians and The study focuses on three areas: those related to collecting money for Flow and water-quality changes were studied during a period of intense rainfall in the San Juan Lagoon system. The study covered a hour period beginning hours 22 October, Precipitation during the study period averaged 70 millimeters. In addition water-elevation recording gages were installed at each lagoon.

Water samples from the canal stations were analyzed for organic carbon, nitrogen and phosphorus species, and suspended sediment. Specific-conductance measurements were used with the chemical data to estimate the runoff contributions of nutrients.

Runoff into the lagoon, system during the study period was about 2. The runoff contributed chemical loadings to the lagoons of 95, kilograms total-organic carbon; 2, kilograms of total phosphorus; and 10, kilograms of total Khjeldhal nitrogen. A comparison with a prior study during which there was no significant rain, show that dry-period loadings are less than 10 percent of the wet-period loadings.

At the end of the study period the system had not reached equilibrium, and the lagoons retained 80 percent of the water inflows from 50 to 90 percent of the chemical loads. Nearly 95 percent of the water outflows occurred at the Boca de Cangrejos sea outlet. The three lagoons and interconnecting canals form a very complex hydraulic system that is difficult to study using traditional techniques. A model of the system will facilitate management to improve the quality of water in the lagoons. Bennett, Katrina E.

Accelerated climate change and associated forest disturbances in the southwestern USA are anticipated to have substantial impacts on regional water resources. Few studies have quantified the impact of both climate change and land cover disturbances on water balances on the basin scale, and none on the regional scale. In this work, we evaluate the impacts of forest disturbances and climate change on a headwater basin to the Colorado River, the San Juan River watershed, using a robustly calibrated Nash-Sutcliffe efficiency 0.

Our results show that future disturbances will have a substantial impact on streamflow with implications for water resource management. Our findings are in contradiction with conventional thinking that forest disturbances reduce evapotranspiration and increase streamflow.

The monthly signals of altered streamflow point to an emergent streamflow pattern related to changes in forests of the disturbed systems. Exacerbated reductions of mean and low flows under disturbance scenarios indicate a high risk of low water availability for forested headwater systems of the Colorado River basin. These findings also indicate that explicit representation of land cover disturbances is required in modeling efforts that consider the impact of climate change on water resources.

The dissertation studies how non-central governments inserted themselves in the integration process between Argentina and Chile. As a case study, the link between the Argentinean province of San Juan and the Chilean region of Coquimbo was addressed through an extensive literature review and more.

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Management, Interior. This research established the Dakota-outcrop sequence stratigraphy in part of the eastern San Juan Basin, New Mexico, and relates reservoir quality lithologies in depositional sequences to structure and reservoir compartmentalization in the South Lindrith Field area. The result was a predictive tool that will help guide further exploration and development. Advances in the knowledge of the mining geological anomaly uraniferous Medano Rico, Disc. Jachal, San Juan Province. The research tasks are intended to deepen the knowledge of the area to establish a genetic model of uranium anomaly.

The sale will be subject to the applicable provisions of Bidders who submit Sealed bids must also be submitted to this address. Some aspects of agro-pastoral management and exploitation in the San Juan lands are presented with a series of maps and tables: map of annual land utilization intensity, annual cattle rotation, land tenure system, irrigation process during the year, rotation of crops near the village, rotation of altitude lands, cattle evolution and soil use systems.

Finally, two possible types of evolution for this village are discussed. The recorded data of UNSJ are widely applied to cadastral surveys and serve as the basis for defining national and regional geodetic reference frames. As a key component of the.