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  1. किसान उत्‍पादक सघंठनो (FPO) को अब मोदी सरकार देगी 15-15 लाख रूपये – सरकार की नई योजना
  2. Volumen 12. Número 1 - 2004
  3. globo ocular con: Topics by
  4. La letra filmada: del libro a la gran pantalla
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किसान उत्‍पादक सघंठनो (FPO) को अब मोदी सरकार देगी 15-15 लाख रूपये – सरकार की नई योजना

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Clinics of ocular tuberculosis. Ocular tuberculosis is an extrapulmonary tuberculous condition and has variable manifestations. The purpose of this review is to describe the clinical manifestations of ocular tuberculosis affecting the anterior and posterior segments of the eye in both immunocompetent and immunocompromised patients. Review of literature using Pubmed database. Mycobacterium tuberculosis may lead to formation of conjunctival granuloma, nodular scleritis, and interstitial keratitis.

Lacrimal gland and orbital caseating granulomas are rare but may occur. The intraocular structures are also a target of insult by M. The bacillus may involve the ciliary body, resulting in the formation of a localized caseating granuloma. Posterior segment manifestations include vitritis, retinal vasculitis, optic neuritis, serpiginous-like choroiditis, choroidal tubercules, subretinal neovascularization, and, rarely, endophthalmitis. The recognition of clinical signs of ocular tuberculosis is of utmost importance as it can provide clinical pathway toward tailored investigations and decision making for initiating anti-tuberculosis therapy.

Volumen 12. Número 1 - 2004

Artefactos en ultrasonido ocular. Full Text Available El ultrasonido ocular es un estudio dependiente del operador. What Is an Ocular Migraine? When to seek help What is an ocular migraine?

globo ocular con: Topics by

Is it a sign of something serious? Migraine aura affecting your vision Ocular migraine sometimes describes Ocular complications of boxing. Objectives: To investigate the prevalence of ocular injuries in a large population of boxers over a period of 16 years, in particular, the most severe lesions that may be vision threatening. Methods: Clinical records of the medical archive of the Italian Boxing Federation were analysed. A total of boxers were examined from February to October A complete ophthalmological history was available for , who formed the study population a total of 10 examinations.

La letra filmada: del libro a la gran pantalla

The following data were collected: age when started boxing; duration of competitive boxing career from the date of the first bout ; weight category; a thorough ocular history. The following investigations were carried out: measurement of visual acuity and visual fields, anterior segment inspection, applanation tonometry, gonioscopy, and examination of ocular fundus.

Eighty age matched healthy subjects, who had never boxed, formed the control group.

Results: Of the boxers examined, were amateur The median age at first examination was The prevalence of conjunctival, corneal, lenticular, vitreal, ocular papilla, and retinal alterations in the study population was The prevalence of serious ocular findings angle, lens, macula, and peripheral retina alterations was 5. Conclusions: Boxing does not result in a higher prevalence of severe ocular lesions than in the general population. However, the prevalence of milder lesions in particular with regard to the conjunctiva and cornea is noteworthy, justifying the need for adequate ophthalmological surveillance.

Dose calculation in eye brachytherapy with Ir threads using the Sievert integral and corrected by attenuation and scattering with the Meisberg polynomials; Calculo de dosis en braquiterapia ocular con hilos de Ir utilizando la integral de Sievert y cooregida por atenuacion y dispersion con los polinomios de Meisberg.

Vivanco, M. Bernui de; Cardenas R, A. Angamos No.

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The ocular brachytherapy many times unique alternative to conserve the visual organ in patients of ocular cancer, one comes carrying out in the National Institute of Neoplastic Illnesses INEN using threads of Iridium ; those which, they are placed in radial form on the interior surface of a spherical cap of gold of 18 K; the cap remains in the eye until reaching the prescribed dose by the doctor. The main objective of this work is to be able to calculate in a correct and practical way the one time that the treatment of ocular brachytherapy should last to reach the dose prescribed by the doctor.

To reach this objective I use the Sievert integral corrected by attenuation effects and scattering Meisberg polynomials ; calculating it by the Simpson method.

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In the calculations by means of the Sievert integral doesn't take into account the scattering produced by the gold cap neither the variation of the constant of frequency of exposure with the distance. The calculations by means of Sievert integral are compared with those obtained using the Monte Carlo Penelope simulation code, where it is observed that they agree at distances of the surface of the cap greater or equal to 2mm.

Ocular manifestations of leptospirosis. Full Text Available Leptospiral uveitis is a common entity in tropical countries.

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Ocular manifestations are noted in the second phase of illness, but these remain under-diagnosed mainly because of the prolonged symptom-free period that separates the systemic manifestations from detection of ocular manifestations. Varying ophthalmic presentations and the intrinsic nature of different types of uveitis to mimic one another also challenge the accuracy of the diagnosis. Of the individual ocular signs, the combination of acute, non-granulomatous, panuveitis, hypopyon, vasculitis, optic disc edema, membranous vitreous opacities and absence of choroiditis or retinitis have high predictive value for the clinical diagnosis of leptospiral uveitis.

Geographic location of the patient, occupation, socio-economic status, risk factors related to exposure, past history of fever or jaundice also aid in diagnosis. Steroids are the mainstay of treatment for leptospiral uveitis. The prognosis is generally good, even when the inflammation is severe. Ocular straylight in albinism.

Albinism is an inherited disorder that affects the melanin biosynthesis pathway, which results in reduced or absent pigment formation. This may lead to increased light transmission through the iris and more reflected light from the fundus. Both these effects contribute to the occurrence of ocular. Therapy of ocular toxoplasmosis. Treatment was given for at least four weeks and consisted of three triple drug combinations: group 1, pyrimethamine,.

Full Text Available This article intends to analyse the role of massmedia in structuring the discussions in society about the advances in biotechnology and the possibilities of intervention in human reproduction. It analyzes the agenda-setting of the matter in the television program Fantastico, Globo TV, that motivated the public to comment about the right of the maternity in cases of egg donation and replacement uterus.

The article indicates the complexity of the relationship of the public and private routing of personal conflicts but related to moral and ethical issues of the society, they need, because it, a broad and pluralistic debate in the public sphere. Sclerodermatomyositis, ocular manifestations. Sclerodermatomyositis is an overlap syndrome of myositis and scleroderma, with dermatological, muscular and joint involvement, but may also present with ocular manifestations.

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  2. किसान उत्‍पादक सघंठनो (FPO) को अब मोदी सरकार देगी लाख रूपये.
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  6. Oriented physical examination and laboratory studies led to the diagnosis, with the need for systemic treatment. Sclerodermatomyositis is a rare disease. Its diagnosis needs thorough clinical and laboratory studies, and its management should be multidisciplinary when inflammatory ocular manifestations may be present.