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What Remains

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As Barack triumphed, the Japanese town of Obama rejoiced. In , Seattle gave Seattle Slew a parade after it won the Triple Crown, even though this stallion had nothing to do with the city, and had never even been there before. Language casts such a wide dragnet, surely it will snag my pitiful moniker, if only by accident? Like Donna Summer, I will survive, yes I will. Thanks to a David T. Wong fellowship, I was in East Anglia for just over 8 months. Comprised of Norfolk and Suffolk, the region is like a bump, a butt stuck on England. When I told Londoners I was staying in Norwich, they laughed.

Centuries ago, it was the second greatest English city. Norfolk is like New Jersey, a taint area. It ain't New York and it ain't Philly, it's taint.

Profª Vanilda Vieira

Philly itself is taint, since it has to crouch in the shadow cast by that huge, musty schlong, still formidable after its triple castration, counting WTC 7, which simply imploded and collapsed, with no plane stuck in its maw. East Anglia was the home of the Iceni. The English robbed from his family the Punjab, bigger than England itself, and, as an aside, the mother of all goddamn diamonds, the Koh-i-Noor monstrosity. To compensate, Queen Victoria gave this Singh dude a stipends to move to Thetford, where he spent his time wooing barmaids and died nearly broke. I went there to stare at his not unimpressive equestrian statue, erected only recently, complete with dedication by Prince Charles.

Mexicans have been in the area since the twenties, recruited by Bethlehem Steel. A advertisement from the Fort Worth newspaper, Prensa :.

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Buenas casas y buen salario. No cobramos gastos de oficina. Osborn El Colorado C. Come quickly, if you are not working because we will leave in special trains on Friday. Good houses and good salary. We do not charge office expenses. Do not write; come ready to leave if you are a good worker. Al llegar al steel mill worque, Que vemos la locomotora Y salimos corriendo Ochenta millas por hora! When we got to the steel works We saw the locomotive And we came running At eighty miles an hour!

The second largest steel producer in the U. A key defense contractor, it produced half of the bullets America used in World War I. In , just before the U. Earlier strikes had been put down by state troopers, but the union, now formed, became increasingly stronger until some blamed it for the company's demise in , when 11, employees supported , retirees and dependents. In , Bethlehem Steel had six of the top ten highest paid American executives.

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