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Search hundreds of travel sites at once for lodging in Villanasur Río de Oca

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Additional Luggage Done. Outbound journey Done. Flight arrival date. Flight arrival time Please insert the date and time of your flight arrival not take off , as informed by the airline. Mins 00 05 10 15 20 25 30 35 40 45 50 Return journey Done. Flight return date. Source: unesco. The property encompasses It constitutes an exceptional scientific reserve that provides priceless information about the appearance and way of life of these remote human ancestors. The Sierra de Atapuerca sites provide unique testimony of the origin and evolution both of the existing human civilization and of other cultures that have disappeared.

The evolutionary line or lines from the African ancestors of modern humankind are documented in these sites. The earliest and most abundant evidence of humankind in Europe is found in the Sierra de Atapuerca. The sites constitute an exceptional example of continuous human occupation, due to their special ecosystems and their geographical location.

The fossil remains in the Sierra de Atapuerca are an invaluable reserve of information about the physical nature and the way of life of the earliest human communities in Europe. In addition, painted and engraved panels have been recorded, with geometrical motifs, hunting scenes, and anthropomorphic and zoomorphic figures. Criterion iii : The earliest and most abundant evidence of humankind in Europe is to be found in the caves of the Sierra de Atapuerca. Criterion v : The fossil remains in the Sierra de Atapuerca constitute an exceptional reserve of information about the physical nature and the way of life of the earliest human communities in Europe.

The Archaeological site of Atapuerca has all the necessary elements, represented by the Pleistocene and Holocene deposits, and the adequate dimension to express its Outstanding Universal Value.

The property also includes other archaeological and historic sites that provide information about other periods of occupation. The sequence of archaeo-paleontological deposits in the Sierra de Atapuerca consists of a series of sites with a rich and abundant fossil and archaeological record. All are all cave sites, and it is a railway cutting that initially exposed some of them. Nevertheless, the activities recorded in these deposits accurately reflect past ways of life that occurred over a very long period of time in a relatively undisturbed environment, and were preserved in pristine condition until the time of their discovery.

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The property shows no negative effects of development pressure, since it is a natural area sparsely populated and legally protected at the highest level. The regional government has the legal framework to control possible negative impacts on the site, particularly in relation to potential impacts to the visual qualities that are still retained.

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The natural caves of the property contain deep strata comprising archaeological and paleontological material of great scientific importance, which have remained untouched since Prehistoric Times until the present day, when they are being excavated scientifically. Their authenticity may therefore be deemed to be total. The municipalities of Atapuerca and Ibeas de Juarros have a supervisory function of the private properties located in this area.

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For the adequate management of the Espacio Cultural , a Plan has been developed with the participation of local communities, the archaeo-paleontological research team, and the assessment of experts. The Management Plan is a roadmap that sets all the principles and features that the public administrations — at national, regional and local level — must take into account in order to adapt their policies to the conservation of the Outstanding Universal Value of the property, which must prevail over other considerations. The Museum is the key institution of the system where the materials and results of the archaeological research are kept and studied.

It is also meant to be the platform to control the visits to the site. In order to organize these visits, the regional government built two reception centres for the visitors in the municipalities of Ibeas de Juarros and Atapuerca.