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It is an inroad to Galicia that takes advantage of the natural contour of the River Sil gorge, used since Roman times. This secondary road continued through the south of Lugo, parallel to the River Sil. Along the canal there are also mines and other archaeological ruins used to extract the rich minerals, such as the Montefurado tunnel, bored into the rocky mountain to change the course of the river and to extract the gold from its waters.

Many pilgrims chose this route, known later as the "Camino Real" or "Royal Way", which offered lower terrain that was much easier to traverse on foot.

Cheap Rental Car Deals in Vilamartin de Valdeorras

The route enters Galicia parallel to the River Sil, in the Sobradado region, towards the Valdeorras region in Ourense. The path continues along the right bank of the River Sil and enters Lugo through the Quiroga region, crossing Montefurado and Torre Novais. From here, the route offers several options for reaching Monforte de Lemos, each one as spectacular as the next. The other option goes from Quiroga to San Clodio de Ribas de Sil, up to Torbeo and from there down to the spectacular gorges of the River Sil, in Covela, where there is an impressive meander that was once crossed by a boat that no longer exists, controlled by the monastery of Santa Maria de Torbeo.

In the village of Monforte, it is joined by another road that came from Castro Caldelas, crossed the River Sil over a bridge and up amongst the ancient stone terraces of the Sober region, where the prized Ribiera Sacra wine is produced, on to the village of Monforte.

It crosses the river, over a Roman bridge in times gone by, and begins an ascent towards Chantada amongst vineyards dotted with ancient Adega houses and some more modern ones. We enter the village of Chantada at the Convent, on an arcaded street with old houses that bear witness to the power and nobility of their residents. The spectacular views from this remote place are themselves worth the visit.

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It is quite helpful to have an understanding of the rail connections, both regional and along the Sil River from Ponferrada to Monforte de Lemos, and on to Santiago de Compostela via Ourense. There are 4 buses a day between Santiago de Compostela to Ponferrada Although I had intended initially to travel by bus, in the end I opted to go by train, booking my ticket on Trainline. Starting in the late s most mines were closed, and after the collapse of the mining industry Ponferrada was for a while in a crisis. Note my Garmin elevation gain and loss figures vary markedly with the above table, and is an area I need to investigate further.

Whilst this turned out to be enjoyable and interesting, it does involve a mighty climb up a twisting road to the village, the last thing you need at the end of a stage! The trip to Santiago de Compostela is almost becoming routine as I have done it so many times. Drop off at Stansted airport, check in for Ryanair flight, arrive at Santiago and get the Euro 3 bus ride into town which takes less than 30 minutes. I usually pay on the bus, but this time I noticed new automatic ticket sales machines. I thought that I would try it, but it took quite a while and seemed overcomplicated compared with paying on the bus.

I got to the end of the sequence and realised that you could not pay cash; you had to pay by credit card.


I inserted my Mastercard but could not work out how to put the pin number in. By this time the bus had arrived and the last passenger was about to get on. I could not abort the automated ticket purchase and I could not work out how to get my Mastercard back! I noticed that a little bit of the card was showing and managed to pull it out!

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I got on the bus just in time and paid my 3 euro. Never again will I bother with the automated ticket vendor when it is so easy to pay cash on the bus! It started raining quite heavily and was quite cold, so I was looking forward to checking in. Unfortunately the receptionist had popped out to visit their sister hotel, so I had to wait on the doorstep. I phoned their help line a couple of times, and eventually she came. It was nice to be back in Hotel San Clemente My home from home. I went over to the Cathedral to see what was happening. The outside renovation is complete and looks great, but they have now started on the inside.

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All the pews and confession boxes have been removed and replaced by scaffold whilst they do the work. You can still walk around, but of course there is absolutely no atmosphere. Book a convertible.

Maybe you want to take the road not taken or paved —hop in an SUV. Perhaps, this is the trip where you live it up and a luxury car sets the tone. But if you want this vacation to be full of pleasant surprises, then choose a Hotwire Hot Rate car.

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Could be you just want the best rate possible. The car you select is up to you, and so is the way you pick your ride.

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