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This application is our concept of how it should be an app communication with other people, based on freedom of choice and the options open to cross that freedom with other people who want to live a space of time with you. Information about Page Insights Data. This initiative, has been carried out with the intention of decongesting the center of the town in moments of high occupation. We continue working on more options that allow us to lighten the saturation of vehicles in other areas of the municipality, during times of maximum influx.

This schedule will be maintained until Saint John!

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Be seduced by the historical legacy of each of these valleys in the High Pyrenees, enjoy and do local and responsible tourism Cafes, restaurants, bars, hotels, cottages, active tourism, museums and visitable spaces, producers, We wait for you! Let yourself be seduced by the historical legacy of each of these valleys of the High Pyrenees, enjoy and do proximity and responsible tourism. Cafes, restaurants, bars, hotels, rural homes, active tourism, museums and visiting spaces, producers, We're trying you out!

First of all, give all our support to the families and people who are suffering closer to the effects of COVID19 and give thanks to all those people who with their individual and collective responsibility make it after 4 months you can see a light at the end of the road to get out of this situation. Although as we all know, until there is a vaccine for this virus COVID19 we will have to continue being aware and take all the measures that health organizations announce in every moment.

Prostituta Video

In reference to the UTVA edition, its publication on the networks coincided with the start of the state of alarm and in one of the most uncertain moments for COVID19 At that point any non-basic topic was stopped and given priority to individual and collective health. These last few weeks have clarified the future and everything makes you think we can do the UTVA edition, surely NOT with The same format of the past editions, for which we will have to adapt to the new normal and to all the rules and protocols of operation that communicate to us from health and sports organizations.

The attack on the policeman should have been punished according to the law, and considering there were plenty of images of the event, it would have been possible to identify the attackers. The testimonies of the men and women arrested on these two days, which are now beginning to emerge thanks to human rights organizations, speak of physical and sexual violence on a par with the worst days of the dictatorships in South America.

But why use such a show of violence against a group of unarmed, poor peasants? Why use sexual violence against the women in the movement?

Since terror depends so much on interpretation and sense, it ends up feeding on itself by destroying any evidence of sense and rationality. The representations that the news media has constructed around the Frente de Pueblos en Defensa de la Tierra show a movement of a violent and intolerant nature while at the same time minimizing the numbers of its adherents and their politics and discrediting their leaders. These representations bear little resemblance to the men and women I had the opportunity to meet this past April.

They appeared a cheerful, supportive, and inclusive group, well organized and capable of complex political thought. They were protesting the construction of a road that would cross the area and required cutting down the ancient willow trees.

A little while later, about men and women peasants from San Salvador Atenco arrived, marching in order and keeping time with the metallic clatter of their machetes. The peasants of Atenco supported the struggle of these communities and shared with them their experience and strategies. Their success in , when they managed to stop the government building an international airport that would have expropriated five thousand hectares of farming land, has made them into a symbol of resistance against the blows of globalization. These local struggles share a search for alternative ways of development that are respectful of nature and of the historical heritage of communities.

The words and songs they brought seemed to melt the barriers between social classes. The meeting became a great popular gathering. The women danced in pairs, clashing their machetes high above their heads in a slow, ritual dance reminiscent of religious dances in indigenous communities. These were strong, extroverted women who shouted out resistance slogans and wielded their machetes with the ease of those who use them in everyday tasks. I could not help thinking of the Zapatista women and of many other women who are fighting from the bottom of society to build a fairer life.

Putas hd videos de masajes eroticos buscar chicas putas mallu web de putas dibujos de prostitutas

I felt inundated by their political energy. I would never have guessed that a few weeks later I would see these same women beaten, bloodied, humiliated, silenced. As an analyst of social movements, I was impressed by the organizational expertise the Frente de Pueblos possessed. I was awed by their ability to systematize the history of their struggle in songs, by the strength of the women, who seemed to play a central role in the movement, and by the obvious influence the group had over the young students who were at the meeting.

A group of young people crowded around, cheering and shouting slogans, while the man addressed an improvised speech to the girl, who received the machete in recognition of her solidarity with the peasant movement. I wonder now if that girl was among the women who were raped and abused in the jail of Santiaguito. At the time I thought it would be a good idea to have one of my students analyze this experience. Perhaps that is also what the teachers at the National School of Anthropology and History thought.